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Dr. Janean Anderson, Ph.D., CEDS - Director, Licensed Psychologist, Certified Eating Disorders Specialist

Dr. Janean AndersonPh.D., CEDS
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Meet Our Team

Dr. Lauren Millard, Ph.D. - Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Lauren MillardPh.D.


I am a licensed psychologist specializing in eating disorders as well as gender-based trauma.  As a woman with personal experience with an eating disorder as well as a survivor of relationship abuse, I believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy relationship with their true self, their body, and food in order to live their lives in an authentic and meaningful way.

Education & Training

I am a licensed psychologist specializing in the treatment of eating disorders and gender-based violence/trauma (sexual assault, relationship/domestic abuse) in Denver, CO.  I completed my Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from Colorado State University with the addition of earning my Graduate Women’s Studies Certificate.   I completed my doctoral psychology internship at the University of South Carolina followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Denver.  I have specialized in the treatment of eating disorders and trauma since 2012.  

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Denver Health & Counseling Center

  • Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, Colorado State University, Program Accredited by the American Psychological Association

  • Doctoral Psychology Internship, University of South Carolina Counseling & Human Development Center, APA Accredited Doctoral Internship

  • M.S. in Counseling Psychology, Colorado State University, APA Accredited Program

  • B.S. in Psychology Colorado State University

Approach to Therapy

I take a holistic approach to psychotherapy to help my clients meet their goals and improve their overall sense of well-being.  I integrate various therapies into my clinical work.  Overall, I believe our functioning is the result of messages, both direct and indirect, we have received in our personal relationships (Interpersonal) as well as our society and culture in which we have been socialized (Feminist).  I also embrace mindfulness-based therapies, including DBT and ACT.

I aim to create a safe, nonjudgmental, and compassionate space to collaborate with my clients in exploring their emotions in a more genuine way in order to develop awareness and insight regarding their functioning and they they want to grow.  My hope is that my clients will feel more empowered to function in their environment more effectively and authentically.  

I believe the relationship between therapist and client is one that is egalitarian and collaborative. In the therapy room, you will find that my style encompasses genuineness, warmth, direct and honest feedback along with a sense of humor and wit.  


I am a proud Colorado native and grew up in the Denver area.  I absolutely love living here!  In my free time I get the most joy out of spending time with my family, friends, husband and golden retriever, Marley.  I also enjoy spending as much time in nature as possible, dabbling in photography, cooking, watching movies, and curling up with a novel to read.  

Allison Cohan, LCSW - Licensed Clinical Social Worker

 Allison CohanLCSW


I am a licensed clinical social worker, focusing on the treatment of eating disorders, adolescents, families and couples. Through working with individuals with eating disorders, I have gained interest and proficiency in often co-occurring issues including, trauma, anxiety, depression and complex relational patterns. I find so many aspects of the eating disorder journey to be deeply human and universally relatable, and I strive to bring this understanding to the wonderful supports and loved ones that surround my clients. 

In addition to working at Colorado Therapy & Assessment Center, I maintain my own private practice in Denver located inside the Gaudiani Clinic at Rose Medical Center.  More information about my private practice can be found here:  www.allisoncohanlcsw.com

Education & Training

I am a licensed clinical social worker, focusing on eating disorders/disordered eating and exercise addiction issues. I received training to work with adolescents as well as adults and individuals along with members of their families through my post graduate years at Monte Nido & Affiliates, under the supervision of Carolyn Costin. Prior to that, I completed my Bachelor’s degree at Skidmore College in the study of Psychology and Neuroscience, and my Master’s degree at Boston College in Clinical Social Work. My final graduate internship, was at the Klarman Center of McLean Hospital. I have focussed on the treatment of individuals with eating disorders since 2012. 

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the states of California and Colorado
  • Private Practice clinician co-locating at the Gaudiani Clinic in Rose Medical Center
  • Monte Nido & Affiliates Primary Therapist
  • Graduate internship, Klarman Center, McLean Hospital
  • M.S. in Clinical Social Work from Boston College
  • B.A. in Psychology and Neuroscience from Skidmore College


Approach to Therapy

I approach therapy in a way that encourages clients to develop the emotional space to examine challenges without identifying as the problem themselves. This healthy distance allows clients the ability to collaboratively examine a situation, pattern or behavior, from a position of curiosity and empowerment. With families and couples, I help foster an environment for both the voice of each individual and illumination of the interpersonal dynamics at hand. I am as comfortable incorporating traditional, evidence-based methods, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, as I am spirituality, relevant philosophical concepts and a post-modern Narrative Therapy lens.

In my work, it has become abundantly evident that eating disorders thrive in isolation. Because of this, I am happy to provide adjunct couples and family therapy to my individual therapy clients or exclusive couples and family services for those who identify that need initially. I find it imperative to maintain a collaborative working dynamic that is uniquely and authentically driven by each client. Creating a non-hierarchal space is a core therapeutic value of mine. Through this approach, I hope each of my clients feels a sense of deep empowerment and connection to the resources they already possess, while discovering new ones.



A bi-coastal transplant, I am happy to have landed here in Denver, Colorado. When I am not working, I am likely soaking up a yoga class, adding to my long list of podcasts or exploring a trail with my dog. Since I am still new to the Denver area, I am currently enjoying discovering new restaurants and other local haunts.