Dr. Janean Anderson
A Great Therapist


"Janean provides a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment that allowed me to open up and be vulnerable. This also translates positively to other components of my life which allows me to better manage the many difficulties that I currently face, and will likely continue to encounter. Dr. Anderson's sense of humor and openness makes therapy feel natural and unintimidating. Her guidance and expertise helps me recognize myself from a different perspective, which ultimately provides me with a better understanding of who I am, and how I can mitigate many symptoms that stem from the various mental health issues that I have." -Former Client


"Group therapy gave me an opportunity to relate to others that are experiencing similar issues. It also provided valuable insight on how to handle certain situations that other members experienced, which were then discussed throughout the entire group. Dr. Millard is a great facilitator for group therapy and I feel much more confident in expressing my emotions around others after participating in group therapy for nearly 9 months." -Former Client


"I highly recommend Janean. Janean is a great listener, sincere, and compassionate. I never felt judged by her and her office is very comfortable. I am eternally grateful for Janean because her support and guidance changed my life for the better. I also had a positive experience with group therapy. My interactions with other group members helped me to reduce my social anxiety and improved my self-esteem. The group moderator, Lauren, did a great job making sure everyone was included and I felt very encouraged by her. Thank you, Janean and Lauren!" -Former Client


"Thank you for all the work we did together. Working with you helped me grow in a way  didn't think was possible. I have learned how to appropriately set boundaries, how to experience my life and how to sit in, get comfortable, and process my emotions in a healthy way. When we started working together, I was on the verge of suicide. It had come and gone before but this was the worst it had ever gotten and I did not see a way out. Through the combination of one-on-one therapy and group therapy, you helped me work through some difficult times in the past that strongly contributed to the lack of hope I felt. Within a few months of 1:1 therapy and group therapy, I felt as good as I ever have. I now have the tools I need to combat the waves of depression that sneak up on me from time to time and lead a happy and healthy life." -Former client [Dr. Anderson]


"If you are seeking treatment for an eating disorder, I would highly recommend Dr. Janean Anderson.  I supervised Dr. Anderson's clinical work prior to her receiving her psychology license.  Of all the people I supervised in 22 years of practice, I felt that she was the most gifted and had the most potential as a clinician.  She was insightful, warm, and very bright.  Although she is in general very good, I felt that her work with eating disorders was exceptional.  If you are suffering from an eating disorder, I would recommend her with absolutely no reservations."  -Dr. Eve Kilmer, Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice, www.EveKilmer.com


"[Lauren Millard] is the best therapist I have ever seen for her constant and unwavering support." -Former Client


"Janean has an in-depth approach to eating disorders.  She has comprehensive knowledge on the complexity of eating disorders, which has changed my life.  Through regularly meeting with Janean, i was able to discover root causes that fueled my eating disorder.  Janean provided a safe and nurturing environment that made me feel safe enough to share experiences I had never spoken of before.  Her acceptance and whole-hearted, genuine spirit brought out the best in me.  I loved working with Janean and feel so blessed to have found her practice."  -Former Client


"[Dr. Millard] has been amazingly helpful for my recovery.  Even when she provided me with challenges, I always knew she was on my team."- Former Client  


"I worked with Janean for two years. Janean created a safe place for me to really work on my issues, many of which I had no idea existed. The honest approach she took was crucial to my success.  She was also instrumental in getting me the therapy I needed for an eating disorder that spanned twenty years. Working with Janean changed my life. I would highly recommend Janean."- Former Client


"I never thought I would enjoy treatment, but I never dreaded my sessions with Lauren.  I feel like my voice has gotten bigger in my life, and it would still be a whisper if it hadn't been for her.  I don't think I would have come so far in recovery if it wasn't for her." -Former Client

"I have been a colleague of Dr. Anderson for the past 5 years. I can attest that she is very knowledgeable and passionate about  eating disorder treatment. As a psychotherapist, she is empathic, caring, and genuine. I highly recommend seeking her services!"  -Dr. Caitlin Shepherd, Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in eating disorder treatment in private practice and Visiting Assistant Professor at Wesleyan University, www.CailtlinShepherdPHD.com


"I so appreciate Lauren walking on this journey with me.  She challenged and encouraged me, which helped me to keep fighting for recovery even when I thought I couldn't.  Working with Lauren has been such a gift in my life."  -Former Client

"Janean is a kind, thoughtful, intelligent, and highly-skilled therapist. Before seeing Janean, I had no experience with psychotherapy. To be honest, I was very nervous about what the experience would hold. From the very first day, Janean was warm and caring. Janean fostered an open and honest environment in which I felt safe and comfortable learning to explore myself. Our work together is of immense value and I can't recommend her strongly enough."  -Former Client


"Dr. Millard has been an invaluable piece of the puzzle in my recovery and for this I am eternally grateful."  -Former Client


"Dr. Anderson believes in the value of incorporating evidence-based techniques (e.g. CBT, DBT) into her therapeutic style.  She is her authentic self in therapy, which is to say deeply empathic, insightful, and adept at injecting humor into the most grave situations.  I consult with her often and would highly recommend her specialized skill set for anyone struggling with disordered eating, emotion dysregulation, ADHD, trauma history or general supportive therapy."  -Dr. Ashleigh Golden, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Chief Resident at the Center for OCD and Anxiety-Related Disorders (COARD) program at the St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute 

"For me it was natural to want to recover on my own. However, I learned that we are not necessarily meant to go it alone; for people can often bring healing in a way different than what we originally thought we needed healing from. Janean helped me look past what I was convinced the problem was that I needed to fix. She gave insight that I would have never been able to think of on my own, nonetheless use to address certain issues. Janean is one of the "people" that really has helped me on the road of recovery and the insight she has given me has helped me at moments when I need it most! I am forever thankful for her involvement in my life, and recovery." -Former Client

"While working with Janean as a co-worker and colleague,  I quickly noticed her deeply compassionate heart and her brilliance with knowing how to guide individuals along the path of recovery. I was immediately impressed by her professionalism and skills as a clinician. She has a unique blend of warmth and humor. I strongly recommend Janean, she is a dynamic clinician." -Kate Merkle, Registered Dietitian specializing in eating disorder treatment in private practice, www.katemerklenutrition.com

"I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with Dr. Janean Anderson. She is an extremely accomplished, talented clinician who effectively provides comprehensive and integrative mental health treatment. She creates genuine, caring relationships with her clients, and she is adept at providing and fostering insight and instilling positive coping skills. I highly recommend Dr. Anderson for anyone seeking mental health treatment." - Dr. Kathy Korell-Rach, Licensed Clincial Psychologist at Country Counseling, LLC, http://countrycounselingllc.com


"It was invaluable to know that someone who was basically a near-stranger could authentically care about me after so little time, and I think was a real key in changing my own beliefs.  I feel lucky to have found her.  Same goes for group as well." -Former Client


"Warm, genuine, compassionate, and with a great sense of humor.  I've known Dr. Janean Anderson on a professional and personal level for many years and these are just a few qualities I would ascribe to her work with clients.  Highly regarded by her peers, Dr. Anderson is the kind of person who relates easily to others with her open and friendly demeanor.  I would highly recommend her for services!"  -Dr. Melody Fo, Licensed Clinical Psychologist at UC Santa Cruz Counseling and Psychological Services Center


"She is the very best psychologist!" -Former Client [Dr. Anderson]


"I have gotten to know Dr. Anderson as a colleague and friend for the past three years.  As her friend, I leave my conversations with her feeling more self-accepting and inspired to take on new challenges.  As her colleague, I've seen her clients have similar experiences in their work with her, learning to be more kind and gentle with themselves while also feeling empowered to make changes in their lives.  Dr. Anderson's expertise in treating eating disorders, relationship concerns, and trauma has been invaluable to me in my own work with clients.  I recommend her highly!"  -Dr. Lauren Appio, Licensed Psychologist at St. John's University Center for Counseling and Consultation


"Dr. Janean Anderson is a competent and warm professional who understands what my clientele are going through.  As a dietitian specialized in eating disorders, I would gladly recommend clients to her!"  -Jennifer Ross Anderson, Registered Dietitian specializing in eating disorders, www.jrdietetics.com


"I highly recommend Janean!  She is authentic, knowledgeable, professional, and most importantly, a wonderful presence to get the opportunity to sit with."  -Whitney Russell, LPC, www.coloradolifecounseling.com


"I highly recommend Dr. Anderson!  Her empathy, compassion, and skill in helping others is clear in her work.  She will make you laugh, support you, and show great insight in session."  -Jessire Munoz, LPC, www.KeenInsightCounseling.com

*All client testimonials were volunteered from former clients only and remain anonymous as to comply with the APA Ethics Code. All clients have given consent to publish all parts of their testimonials shown. Former clients are able to retract part or all of their testimonial at any time.