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Podcasts, Blogs, and Safe Spaces



Hello friends!  Welcome to The Eating Disorder Recovery Blog.  I started this blog to supplement The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast and to create another safe space for people in recovery from an eating disorder to come for support, encouragement, love, and information.  There can never be too many safe, pro-recovery spaces.  Let me tell you the story of the safe space, the podcast, and this blog. 


I once had a client who mentioned at the beginning of a group therapy session that she was grateful to be there.  She further explained that she came to think of our group as “the safe space.”  It was one of the only places she could go and talk openly about her eating disorder.  Like most of the other clients I’ve worked with and people I know personally, few people in her life knew she had an eating disorder.  In fact, for a lot of the people I work with, no one in their life knows about the eating disorder.  Not a single person.  What an incredibly isolating experience.  Not only do these folks have to do constant mental jiu jitsu with a vicious, ruthless disorder but on top of that, they feel immense and intense shame for having the disorder in the first place and have no one to lean on for support.   


Spending the majority of your days hating your body, counting calories, constantly comparing yourself to others is isolating.  The shame about having an eating disorder layers on more isolation.  The shame prevents people from reaching out for support.  And, I can’t say that the impulse to keep things to yourself is completely unfounded either.  Eating disorders can elicit judgment from other people and are largely misunderstood by people of them who have not been through one themselves.  However, the need for support, connection, and community remains. 


We need more safe spaces.  I hope this blog will be one for you. 


In creating this blog, and this community, I want to tell you a little bit about my background.  The boring, academic/professional bit is that I’m a licensed psychologist who specializes in treating eating disorders.  I’ve learned about eating disorders through years of education and clinical practice.  But, more interesting, is that I learned about eating disorders by experiencing one myself.  Now, over 10 years recovered, I’ve started this project.  My eating disorder might be the best bad thing that ever happened to me. 


This is, for many reasons really, but among the top of these is that it has gifted me with unique perspective.  When my clients who have eating disorders are airing their feelings, venting about the misery of the disorder, I get it.  I’ve been there.  When my clients are digging deep, calling upon every last ounce of grit they can muster while they’re actively working their recovery, I get it.  I’ve been there.  And the coolest part is that I also get what it’s like to live life recovered.  In full recovery.  No eating disorder behaviors.  No eating disorder thoughts.  No struggle.  And, so much more joy.             


Then, there’s my background as a psychologist, which you can leverage by reading this blog, getting a ton of information to help you in your recovery.  In this blog, I hope to teach you a whole lot!  I want to bust harmful myths about eating disorders.  I’m going to blog about all of the concepts in my upcoming books so you can have them all free of charge to use as you’d like.


Throughout the blog and the podcast and the book, I’ll be speaking from my perspective, doing my best to put it all out there.  To get vulnerable.  To be real.  To be funny and give reality checks and send you love and let you know you all are always in my thoughts and to sass our current cultural norms in hopes that my irreverence will shake things up and empower you to do the same. 


In these upcoming weeks, you’ll get to know the psychology of eating disorders and you’ll hear little pieces of my story.  Thing is, I’d like to hear from you too.  How am I gonna write this blog and have it be anything worthwhile without your feedback?  I welcome you to write me with your story, your questions, updates on your recovery, whatever you feel is important.  You can email me at [email protected].  Make sure to check out The Eating Disorder Recovery Podcast by subscribing on iTunes or by listening at www.eatingdisorderrecoverypodcast.com.  Blog entries and podcast episodes are released every other week on alternating weeks so you’ll always have new content. 


Until next time, friends! 



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