Dr. Janean Anderson
A Great Therapist

Do I need therapy?

If you're visiting this site, it's likely that at least part of you wonders if you need therapy.  One of the major misconceptions I've encountered in my career is the idea that someone needs to be in crisis, their whole lives falling apart, or an absolute emotional wreck before they can seek help.  This is wholly untrue.  If you are currently struggling, identifying as being in crisis, it's okay.  It happens to the best of us.  I welcome people who are in crisis but that is not a requirement for entering therapy.  Therapy is a tool you can use to support your personal growth and improve your health.  Whether you want to make big, sweeping changes in you life or you would like to look at some patterns that you find mildly stressful, therapy can help.  Moreover, research informs us that people who are in therapy do better than people who do not seek therapy at all.  Therapy works!

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